Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

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A group of journalists from Ethiopia who want to engage themselves in the social media run this platform. The team works hard to provide News, opinion and inspirational stories all about Ethiopia and Ethiopians you can enjoy via all medium.

We don’t take a side in politics, ethnicity or religion. We recognize Ethiopia as a country and its people as citizens, that is the whole point.

We inform you, entertain you, or maybe upset you. Our main goal is to bring you together with the rest of the groups by avoiding the walls that hider you not to see the other sides of your country as well as other fellow citizens.

We hold professional journalism, ethics and standards to be fair, nonbiased, balanced and factful as much as we can in all forms of our presentation to you.

Opinions are not ours unless we describe them. Everyone has the right to hold and express his/her opinion and we should all accept that.

We aim at creating: informed citizens and united society, people whose all its rights are respected and perform their duties, citizens that understand each other.

We use the Amharic language to reach Ethiopians living in the country and in the diaspora and English for the international community.

Reach to us for any question or any opinion, analysis or news pieces you may have by writing at
Thank you.
The Team.

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