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ግብጽ የአባይን ወንዝ ከመስመሩ ውጭ በማውጣት ውሀ በድብቅ ለበርካታ ሀገራት እየሸጠች እንደሆነ ተነገረ

Egypt building secret tunnels to take water out of country, says Mohamed Ali. The Egyptian government has laid secret tunnels under the Suez Canal to transport water to destinations almost certainly outside of Egypt despite the country’s crippling shortage, whistleblower Mohamed Ali told Middle East Eye.

“Engineers who worked on these tunnels told me about them and said they had cost billions of dollars,” Ali told MEE from a secret location in Spain.

Ali, who for years worked as a contractor for the Egyptian military and government, said his contacts in the construction business told him that there was a lack of infrastructure built around the tunnels, raising questions about the intended destination of the waters.

“If this water is going to the Sinai, then why have they not begun establishing water treatment plants?” Ali asked.

“That means the water is not going to Sinai, it is going to another place.”
Population growth, mismanagement of resources and a lack of investment in water infrastructure have made Egypt one of the world’s most “water-stressed” countries, according to the United Nations.

Egypt could run dry by 2025, the UN predicts. Once an insider who saw the military and government’s inner workings first-hand, Ali now lives in hiding and has become one of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s most prominent critics.

Since early September, he has been firing off a volley of videos, alleging widespread graft at the hands of Sisi and other top officials.

They have sparked furious anger against Sisi and in late September prompted the first major protests against his rule in years.

Sisi, Ali said, has been squandering money that could have been used to alleviate the crisis. “He admitted we have a shortage of Nile water,” Ali noted.

“There is a big question mark. I’m asking Sisi to answer me and the Egyptian people: where is this water going?” Read the original report.

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