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Ethiopia;s first satellite under construction

The Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) said it is setting up receiver station to launch its first earth observatory satellite.

Dr Solomon Belay, Director General of the Institute told FBC that preparations are nearing completion to launch the satellite being developed in China with eight million US dollars.

The satellite is expected to monitor weather patterns for better agricultural planning, drought early warning and forestry management.

The agency has completed the ground station as well as secured International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) and Outer Space licenses. A third-party insurance is being covered, said Dr Solomon.

Currently, the construction of a receiver station is underway and it will go operational by December this year, he said.

The station would help to receive information from five different satellites.

During his visit to China last April, Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed inspected the 70kg Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Satellite ETRSS-1 being developed by the China Academy of Space Technology.

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